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Category >> Eye Disorders
Have you been told that you have a condition of the eye known as keratoconus? Still confused about what exactly it is? Hopefully this section will help you out.

Keratoconus is a disease of the cornea. The cornea starts to thin, causing it to bulge out. When the cornea bulges out, high amounts of astigmatism are created. This uncorrected astigmatism may cause you to see multiple images out of that eye. Keratoconus is usually first diagnosed in the adolescent years. It can remain fairly stable throughout life, or it can progress to the point where a corneal transplant is needed.

The dry, Alberta winters can have quite an effect on the body. The skin of your hands may be rough, your lips chapped, and even your eyes may be feeling irritated. One of the main eye health complaints of Albertans is having dry eyes. When your eyes are dry they may get red, feel gritty or scratchy (like sand in the eyes), and they may even water excessively. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, or if your eyes just don’t seem quite right, you may be suffering from dry eye.

Amblyopia is the fancy name for a lazy eye. A lazy eye is typically caused by one of three things.

1. An eye turn (strabismus)
2. A large corrective error in the eye that has not been corrected
3. A congenital disease of the eye

Are you becoming extremely frustrated and confused about constantly seeing double images?

If this is the case, then it is important that you have your eyes examined.

Having difficulties reading small print?
Are some of your favourite hobbies such as needlework or crossword puzzles no longer enjoyable?
Do you feel your arms just aren’t long enough anymore?

Your vision is blurry far away and up close…
You see shadows of images/words or experience double vision…
Some things seem distorted…

You are having difficulties reading…
Your vision often goes in and out of focus…
You are suffering from headaches and eyestrain…

The board is blurry at school…
The television is difficult to see…
You can’t make out the players at a hockey game…
Road signs are blurry when driving…

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