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You want comfort, safety, and performance from your eye wear. Whether you are into social, recreation, or extreme competition, the right glasses and lenses can make your favourite activity even more enjoyable

Welcome to Myvisioncalgary and our Sporting EyeCare Team. Our Doctors are avid sports enthusiasts.We are excited to share our insights in the sports we are involved in, and the products we use and endorse for your best vision performance.

Skiing and Snowboarding

All of our doctors enjoy one of these winter pass-times and agree that a good pair of goggles can greatly aid in performance and eye protection. Whether you’re racing down the slopes, or skiing through the trees, goggles provide protection from UV, wind and flying snow. A lens colour like amber enhances ground contours on cloudy days. Some goggles are designed to wear your glasses underneath, such as our Antifog SALICE models. Another option is contact lenses, which can even work for people with complex prescriptions. Anti-fog SALICE also offers the option of inserting prescription lenses behind the sport goggles.


Golf vision is enhanced when contact lenses are worn to improve peripheral vision. In addition, appropriate sunwear is required for UV and glare protections. We like the Serengeti Photochromic sunglasses because they provide a comfortable fit and enhanced, comfortable vision. Or, you may want to try out the Nike MAX Tiger just like Tiger Woods wears.


First of all is the importance of the helmet and face shield which protects from countless types of head and facial injuries. While wearing a helmet, glasses can be very uncomfortable to wear. Antifog drops are available for prescription glasses or to use on shields. Contact lenses are an option that can be provided to many people, even with complex prescriptions. Single use lenses are available for those that only wish to wear them occasionally, without the hassles of cleaning or solutions.

Mountain Biking

We all like mountain biking, although some of us have had some of our serious tumbles. Dr. Murphy can attest to the absolute need for wearing a helmet. His helmet likely saved his life in a fall in May 2000. He still ended up with three broken vertebrae, but he is doing well now. Sunglasses are very important for mountain biking. An amber lens provides high contrast in shaded areas, while providing protection from branches. Dr. Murphy, who loves his Sunset polarized sunglasses from the Maui Jim collection, highly recommends them for both their comfort and high impact resistant polycarbonate safety lens. The Nike Interchanging model EAI comes with both amber and grey lenses providing lens options for riding in either bright sun versus shade or evening rides.

Mountain Climbing

It is absolutely necessary to wear sunglasses that filter out the UV and reduce Glare, which can be hazardous to a safe foot placement. Polarized lenses provide clear vision in highly reflective areas that we have on the mountains. We have a number of sunglass lines that feature polarization such as Maui Jim, Rayban & Carrera. Prescription sunglasses can be made with polarization. As well, many brands of contact lenses incorporate UV protection, but they still require enhanced protection with sunglasses, preferably ones with wrap or dark side shields for use when mountaineering. Some side shield models are Hana, Makana & The Monarch from the Maui Jim line.

Racquet Ball/ Squash

Racquet and small court games with small high velocity balls and racquets can be potentially dangerous. We highly recommends appropriate Sport goggles. We offer prescription or non-prescription sport goggles from Protekt for any type of racket sports.


Dr. Bernadette Osiowy is enjoying training for running. This year she has completed two Half Marathons. Her experience finds that our eyes can dry out during long runs. Wearing a comfortable pair of sunglasses that double to keep the wind out of your eyes is very helpful. The Maui Jim Sport Titanium collection has been very popular with its light weight and wrap design. Dr. Osiowy wears the Maui Jim Wailea Model. Lubricating eye drops instilled before and after a run keeps the eyes comfortable.

Soccer, Baseball and Basketball

These fun, team sports are played by many of the doctors at Health Plus Family Vision. When playing sports like Soccer, Baseball and Basketball, and others like badminton, racquetball and squash, good binocular vision greatly helps overall skill level. Binocular vision assessment is part of all eye examinations, and sometimes can be improved by vision training.


Dr. Osiowy is now adding swimming to her cycling and running to train for triathalon races. Pool chemicals can be harsh on our eyes. It is best to find a pool that uses saline instead of chlorine to disinfect. Saline pools are not as uncomfortable on the eyes. Regardless, a good pair of swim goggles is a worthy investment such as SAEKO prescription swim goggles that are anti-fog, anti-leak and 100% protected. Contact lenses can be provided in single use format so that you do not have to reinsert lenses that have been exposed to pool or lake water. Remember to shower after swimming to rinse away water residues from your skin and eyes.

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