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A) Comprehensive Vision and Eye Health Assessments for All Ages and Professions

At our offices, an eye examination is much more than a simple eye test. We have many doctors to help you with all your eye care needs. All our doctors, along with our knowledgeable Staff, continually strive to provide the most comprehensive and current eye care services. We provide comprehensive eye care for all ages, to ensure that your eye health and vision care needs are met.

When you come to our office, you will be greeted warmly by our medical receptionist, who will prepare your personal file. Our Optometric Assistants will take a thorough individual and family eye health, vision and medical history, and gather computerized eye measurements prior to seeing the doctor. Your Optometrist will provide a comprehensive eye examination to assess your vision and eye health status. Your eye exam results will be reviewed along with your current vision needs and health history, your lifestyle, career and hobbies, in order to recommend your best vision care options.

Digital Retinal Photography:

The retina is the very sensitive nerve tissue that lines the back of the eye. Photography is used to aid the diagnosis and monitoring of the progression of many retinal diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, retinal detachment, and age-related macular degeneration. Our sophisticated digital equipment allows extremely high magnification and resolution to assist your Doctor in detecting and monitoring many eye conditions. The retinal image is shown to you in the exam room and kept on file for future years comparisons.

Did you knowThe eye is the only part of the body where blood vessels can be examined directly, without using an invasive procedure. Your optometrist may put in eye drops to dilate your pupils, in order to closely examine the inside of your eye. Your doctor will be checking the posterior structures inside of your eyes, as well as watching for early signs of diabetes, high blood pressure and other diseases.

By scheduling regular check-ups with your optometrist, you can be sure that any vision or health conditions are detected, allowing timely treatment whenever necessary.

FDT Automated Perimetry:

The FDT has become the standard of diagnostic screening for the early detection of many diseases such as Glaucoma, Optic Neuritis, Stroke, or Brain Tumors affecting the visual pathway. This sophisticated, computerized instrument allows us to map the peripheral vision of each eye, which is valuable in detecting these conditions which may not affect your eyesight until the condition has become severe. In some cases, a visual field mapping may be the only effective way of detecting these problems, if they exist. This visual field screening procedure is very quick, while being very accurate in its ability to detect potential problems. If this screening exam detects any potential problems, you may require a more comprehensive visual field assessment that is also available at our office to more fully explore the visual field deficit.

This screening visual field exam is included in adult comprehensive eye exams. There is an additional fee for seniors that otherwise have their eye examinations covered by Alberta Health Care.

Eyecare Recomendations:

The Canadian Association of Optometrists suggests ANNUAL eye health and vision examinations for all children, adults over forty, contact lens wearers, and for those individuals with medical conditions or family history that can affect your eye health. All other patients need be examined every two years.

Optometrists are licensed to prescribe medications to treat eye infections and provide many specialty services along with eye surgeons - Ophthalmologists. Our doctors are pleased to be able to fully utilize all their education and training to provide the best treatment with greater convenience to our patients.

Optometric care for eye emergencies are now covered by Alberta Health Care. Now you can be seen by our Doctors of Optometry whom can accurately diagnose eye problems related to infection, disease and injury at no charge to yourself.

B) Diagnosis and Treatment of Anterior Segment Disorders

The anterior segment is inclusive of the following structures: the lens, the cilliary body, the iris, the cornea and the conjunctiva. Various disorders can occur with any of these listed structures which is why a comprehensive eye exam is always recommended such that early detection of these disorders is possible. If you have any immediate concerns regarding red, sore or bothersome ocular symptoms we urge you to book your appointment for an emergency visit as soon as possible.

Dry eye is a common complaint in Alberta, and is caused by numerous factors including age, computer use, forced air (heated and air-conditioned), UV exposure, and also medical conditions like arthritis. Proper diagnosis of dry eye requires assessment by your Optometrist to ensure the symptoms are not masking other eye conditions. A wide spectrum of treatments for dry eye are available at our clinic. These include specialty contact lenses, tear duct plugs, many advanced eye lubricant products, and lifestyle and health recommendations.

C) Refractive Suregery, Cataract and Glaucoma Assessment and Co-management

Our optometrists provide pre-surgical assessments in preparation for referral to an ophthalmologist and provide the patient with knowledge of all the potential treatment options. Reasons for surgery may include cataract removal, glaucoma treatment or the popular elective refractive surgery procedures. The optometrist will also provide extensive follow-up appointments post surgery to closely co-manage your case with your ophthalmologist.

Our doctors also closely monitor your vision and eye health with respect to your general, or systemic, health. When an eye condition is identified that may be associated with a general health issue, we will communicate that with your GP. We also like to inform your family doctor when an early childhood vision and/or eye muscle condition is identified.

At times, medications may need to be modified as a result of their effect on the eyes, so this is communicated with your doctor as well. All in all, with the eyes acting as the ‘window to your health’, we are able to assist in managing your overall health by coordination treatment options between you, your doctor and other required specialists.

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