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Calgary Optometrist, Calgary Eye Doctor, Dr. Bernadette Osiowy

Dr. Bernadette Osiowy - Partner 1995

Dr. Bernadette Osiowy was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. She first ventured out of the province to go to Optometry school at the University of Waterloo, graduating with her Doctor of Optometry in 1991.

Following graduation, Dr. Osiowy gained valuable experience practicing in several offices in Ontario before returning West and settling in Calgary. In 1993, Dr. Osiowy began working at our satellite location in Three Hills. She thoroughly enjoyed providing eye care services for her Three Hills patients, as well as doing elementary school visits, providing eye care visits for senior citizens or invalid patients at care homes in the surrounding communities, and in turn helping the practice grow. At the same time, Dr. Osiowy worked at our Calgary location - Health Plus Family Vision Care. In 1995, Dr. Osiowy became a partner along with Dr. Murphy, working together along with our other doctors to expand our city locations to acquire Sunridge Vision Centre in September 2010, and building our newest location in the south, South Calgary Eyecare, which opened in June 2007. Dr. Osiowy now spends her practice time between the Health Plus Family Vision Care and South Calgary Eyecare locations.

Dr. Osiowy provides a specialty eye care service in the area of children's binocular vision therapy (for eye muscle and focus disorders). This area of vision care involves prescribing extensive series of at-home eye exercises to help strengthen eye muscle and focus problems. She also works diligently in fitting specialty contact lens options for patients with keratoconus and post surgical cases.

Dr. Osiowy also has a special interest in helping patients with chronic dry eye - especially as it relates to dry eye secondary to auto immune disorders.

Dr. Osiowy has given of her talents to eye care charities in the developing world working on projects in Jamaica and St. Martens. Also, she has for more then a decade provided volunteer executive administration services to Canadian Vision Care - our developing world eye care charity of choice.

Dr. Osiowy and Dr. Murphy were married in 2004, and have a son, Mitchell, born in March 2007. While enjoying introducing Mitchell to gymnastics, skiing, skating, soccer, art and piano, Dr. Osiowy rediscovered an enjoyment of music and has started taking piano lessons herself.

Message to Patients: I love helping my patients with nutritional information… I always say, What's healthy for your body is healthy for your eyes. Eat your fruits, veggies and omega 3's, exercise, don't smoke, wear sunglasses and reduce stress. Sounds easy, doesn't it!

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